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Who we are

We are a hands-on alliance of people, entities and organizations engaged in building an inclusive circular economy. We wish to develop and spread a new business model for plastic recycling, designed to create a positive social and environmental impact, based on an inclusive and fair value chain that empowers and dignifies the work of those who struggle to keep the environment clean.


We believe in:

A circular economy model for plastic, where waste is definitely out of the system.

An environmentally safe and socially just space for humanity, with no compromises.

Poor people, and their potential as best business partners. 

Sustainable businesses throughout the production and supply chain: environmentally, financially, and socially.

Joining efforts with governments, partners and other allies: to broaden our impact.

Constant improvement: in the ongoing task of building a fair, circular, more inclusive business model.

Let’s shake the status plastic quo!



NGO partners

Public Partners

Technical Partner

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