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The Fair Plastic Alliance promotes and accompanies the development of inclusive and sustainable initiatives along the whole recycling chain, especially in low-income areas and adverse contexts.

Empowering waste collection networks

The Fair Plastic Alliance strengthens local waste collection networks around the world, in an effort to integrate them into the formal waste market and broaden their operational reach. At the same time, it improves working and earning conditions, devoting special attention to women and younger generations. Long-term action to empower local networks includes capacity building initiatives, sharing of best practices, provision of adequate equipment and boosting of local and international visibility.

Inclusive recycling plants

The Fair Plastic Alliance promotes and facilitates the start-up of industrial recycling plants throughout the world, managed as social enterprises with an inclusive shareholding open to local waste collection networks.

In pursuing a social mission, company profits are devolved by the plant’s partners to the development of new FPA projects; or to improving the living and working conditions of waste workers.


FPA Member, Nigeria, Lagos

Social enterprise offering fair and convenient waste collection services to households and enterprises.

17,000+ service subscribers
1,000+ tons of PET collected yearly
120+ people employed

Ekurhuleni Waste Management Association (EWMA)

FPA Member, South Africa, Ekurhuleni

Vast network of cooperatives, operating in the collection of plastic waste sponsored by the Metropolitan Municipality of Ekurhuleni and Oxfam South Africa.

50 waste cooperatives involved
1.300 + people involved
15+ municipal districts


FPA Member, South Africa, Cape Town

Social enterprise operating as a buy-back centre in the grounds of Italian NGO Cesvi.

1.500+ collectors involved
600 sqm hub surface
120 tons yearly plastic collection

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