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Fair Plastic Alliance. Ready, steady: launch!

Fair Plastic Alliance. Ready, steady: launch!

It was a year ago when the idea of the Alliance took shape during a brainstorming event. We’ve come a long way from there!

It was almost a year ago when the idea started taking shape. Idea of the Alliance born during a brainstorming event between two NGOs, a private business and a social enterprise. Some of us has flown over on purpose, others were connected from miles apart.

At the time each of the partners-to-be was developing or supporting inclusive waste management initiatives in different parts of Africa, and the occasion was organized for the purpose of sharing experience and comparing best practices.

We soon realized that in the recycling sector, where informal work is so widespread in developing countries, aggregation was key to change the status quo, or rather the plastic quo, for People and for the Planet.

​The issue of single use plastic is even higher on the lobal agenda now than it was in 2018 and millions of informal waste collectors remain in the shadows. It is time we start tackle both problems together and find a way out of the plastic crisis through a model that put workers back to the center, a circular economy where also they are included in the circle.

We’ve already gone a long way from where we took off and the story of the Fair Plastic Alliance is ready to become the story of the people, women and men, who work on the field every day.


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